At Lowestin, we understand that sometimes circumstances change and you may need to cancel an order. We offer a flexible cancellation policy to accommodate these circumstances.

1. Customers have the right to cancel their order before it is shipped.
2. You will get a cancel button up to 24 hours after placing the order.
3. Cancellations can be made by logging into the Lowestin website, visiting the link and entering the reason in the form and pressing the cancel button.
4. If your order has already been shipped, the cancel button will be automatically hidden. In this case, you may return the item(s). However, it will be treated as a return and subject to the terms of our return policy.
5. If the order has already shipped, the customer must return the product to the Lowestin merchant to receive a refund.
6. If an order is shipped, the customer will be responsible for shipping and returning the items at their own expense.
7. If an order is cancelled after shipping or receipt, the customer will be refunded the remaining amount minus the item’s shipping and return charges.
8. If the customer refuses delivery of an order, it will be treated as a return and subject to the terms of our return policy.
9. Cancelled orders after full payment can be added to the customer’s wallet for subsequent purchases.
10.If you wish to receive cash after a cancelled order, Lowestin can pay via bank or mobile banking, in which case the customer will incur a banking charge which may take up to 7 working days to process.
11.If the customer has any issues or concerns with their order, they should contact our customer service team as soon as possible.
12.We reserve the right to change our cancellation policy at any time.
13.By placing an order on Lowestin, the customer agrees to the terms of our cancellation policy.
14.If items are received from the customer in damaged or used condition, Lowestin merchant reserves the right to reduce the refund amount or refuse the refund entirely.
15.Lowestin Merchant reserves the right to cancel an order if the customer has provided incorrect or incomplete shipping information, or if the product is no longer available.

We hope this cancellation policy helps provide peace of mind when shopping with Lowestin. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.